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Legal Notice

1. Preliminary

1.1 In offering this specific Investment's Due Diligence Website (the "Website"), CBRE (Agency) Limited ("CBRE") is making available to you a facility which allows you to access via the Internet information (the "Information") contained on the Website from time to time relating to the Investment.

1.2 Users must agree to these terms and conditions before using the Website (the "Website Rules") and accessing the Information.

1.3 Website Rules apply to each and every occasion that the Website is accessed by a person authorised by CBRE to do so (the "User").

2. Website Content and Updates

2.1 The Information is subject to updating at any time. Further Information may be added to the Website and existing Information that has been scanned onto the Website may be updated.

2.2 Any contracts relating to the Transaction and constituting part of the Information are drafts and are subject to final agreement.  Without prejudice to the foregoing, no document constituting part of the Information shall be taken to address issues or events that arise subsequent to the date of its addition to the Website.  Neither CBRE, nor their affiliate undertakings or associates (together being referred to as the "Group"), nor any of their respective directors, officers, members, employees, advisers or agents gives any undertakings or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or current nature of the Information and none of the preceding persons are liable to a User or any entity or group of entities a User works for or to anyone to whom the Information is disclosed in respect of the use of, or for any reliance on such Information.

3. No offer or investment advice

The provision of the Information on the Website does not constitute:

3.1 an offer of an investment of any kind, nor forms the basis of any contract; or

4.2 the giving of investment advice by CBRE, any Group company or their respective officers, members, employees, advisers or agents. Potential buyers must make an independent assessment of the Information after making such investigation and taking such advice as they decide necessary.

4. Copyright

4.1 CBRE owns all the intellectual property rights in the  Website, the materials on the Website (such as texts, images, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, domain names, etc) and the Information (the "Intellectual Property Elements") or has a valid right from a third party to use the Intellectual Property Elements.

4.2 The User may view, download and print the Intellectual Property Elements solely for the purpose of the Transaction and for the duration of the negotiations. At the end of the negotiations, the User shall destroy any copy of the Intellectual Property Elements in its possession and upon CBRE’ request, certify it in writing to CBRE. Consequently and pursuant to the provisions of any applicable national legislations and international conventions or treaties, any reproduction, display or other use of the Intellectual Property Elements by the User for any other purpose than that expressly permitted under this Section and/or after the end of the negotiations constitutes an infringement of CBRE intellectual property rights.

4.3 The User shall not obliterate or remove any copyright notice appearing on the Intellectual Property Elements.

5. Accessing the Website

5.1 Usernames and passwords will be provided to the User by CBRE in a letter or email. These will be a combination of a username specific to the bidder and a random alphanumeric password. In order to safeguard passwords Users should:

a) memorise their User name and password and destroy any record containing this information;
b) not tell anyone else the password for any reason whatsoever;
c) keep the password secret and exercise all possible care to prevent the password from being disclosed to, seen or overheard by anyone else;
d) tell CBRE immediately if they think someone else knows or may know their password. In such a case, CBRE will provide the User with new username and/or password and ensure that the previous login/password combination no longer functions.

5.2 CBRE reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the User’s access to the Website at any time by sending a prior notice explaining the reason of such decision.

6. Using the Website

6.1 To gain access to the Website:

a) ensure your Internet Explorer is Version 5.5 or above;
b) go to the world wide web using your Internet browser;
c) type the sites address in the browser's location window.

6.2 You will now be presented with a login screen:

a) click on the login button
b) enter your User name and password in the fields provided
c) then click the "Login" button with your mouse – please note that both fields are case sensitive
d) you must confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions each time you return to the Website.

You must ensure that each time you are finished viewing the Website you close your internet browser completely. Should you leave the Website unattended for 20 minutes or more you will be asked to reconfirm your acceptance of these terms of access.

6.3 If you would like access to be granted to any other persons, please contact a CBRE office.

6.4 You undertake to take all necessary steps to ensure that none of the information, including the Information, your Username and/or password is visible to, or capable of being overlooked by, other persons when you are using the Website.

6.5 You undertake to not leave your computer or other communications device which you can access the Website unattended while you are using the Website.

6.6 You undertake to log-out of the Website promptly when you have finished using it.

7. Viewing documents
To view a document, click on the document title.  The document will appear in a separate window on your PC or you will be prompted to save the file to a location on your computer.  Depending on which Internet browser you are using and the settings configured for that browser, you may or may not get a warning message about downloading of documents.  If you do, simply click on "OK" or "Cancel" to cancel the warning and the document will appear in the separate window.

8. Obtaining Adobe Acrobat
Documents on the Website are in Adobe Acrobat Format. Viewing these documents requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.  If you do not have it installed you can download it free through the link on the Website.  You will only need to install the Acrobat Reader once.  Please speak to your in-house Information Technology specialists if in any doubt.

Important Information
This website shall not be deemed to be an offer to sell or lease, nor is it intended to employ any outside broker without such broker entering into a written brokerage commission agreement acceptable to the owner or lessor and its counsel. All information furnished regarding the asset for sale has been provided by the vendor; such information has not been verified or audited by CBRE and no express representation is made nor is any to be implied as to the accuracy thereof and it is submitted subject to errors, omissions, change of price, rental or other conditions, prior sale, lease or financing or withdrawal without notice.


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